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    Mega Fishing Game: Guide on How to Play & Win

    Mega Fishing Game is an online fishing game created by JILI Gaming. Mega Fishing stands out in the market of fish shooting games with its 27 types of sea creatures, stunning graphics, and engaging game play. This article is your comprehensive guide to mastering Mega Fishing. We’ll walk you through the essentials of how to play, delve into the game’s symbols and their payouts, and provide expert tips to elevate your gambling strategy. Let’s dive in! A Strategic View of RTP, Game Symbols and Payouts Mega Fishing has an RTP of 97%. Dive into our detailed rundown of game symbols and fish payouts to enhance your knowledge about this game. Read on and learn how each catch and choice of weapon can increase your bounty in this underwater adventure. Special Weapons Torpedoes: For a higher cost of 6X the bet amount, torpedoes increase the chances of a successful catch, making them a strategic choice for targeting elusive species. Railgun: This powerful weapon, costing 15X the bet amount, not only offers the chance to kill fish directly but also activates chain lightning for additional damage. Frozen: This tool, priced at 30 PHP, freezes all the fish on the screen for 10 seconds. This allows you to aim at your target fish and earn the prizes it offers. Free Thunderbolt: Accumulate energy with each shot to unleash a devastating area attack, clearing multiple fish off the screen in a spectacular display. Normal Fish Green Fish and Clownfish: 2x multiplier Yellow Fish: 3x multiplier Pufferfish: 4x multiplier Jellyfish: 5x multiplier Lionfish: 6x multiplier Turtle: 7x multiplier Squid: 8x multiplier Lobster: 10x multiplier Lantern Fish: 12x multiplier Swordfish: 15x multiplier Manta Ray: 20x multiplier Shark: 25x multiplier Golden Goldfish Golden Goldfish: 40x multiplier Golden Clownfish: 45x multiplier Golden Jellyfish: 50x multiplier Golden Manta Ray: 55x multiplier Giant Prize Fish Huge Clownfish: Huge Clownfish offers a multiplier ranging from 20 to 25x, with a chance to win 100-125x as a super prize. Huge Angelfish: Huge Angelfish carries a 25 to 30x multiplier, with a chance to win 125-150x as a super prize. Huge Pufferfish: Huge Pufferfish offers a 30-35x multiplier, with a chance to win 150-175x as a super prize. Special Fish Starfish: Starfish comes with a multiplier of 60x. When defeated, the Starfish creates a whirlpool, trapping and killing surrounding fish, providing players extra reward opportunities. Bomb Crab: Bomb Crab provides a 70x multiplier. When it dies, it throws 3 bombs causing instant kills on the stage, potentially significantly boosting players’ scores and rewards. Drill Crab: Drill Crab provides 20x to 80x multipliers. Its death drops a drill that bounces and explodes, offering a chance to kill multiple fish with its path and final blast. Immortal Boss Jaws: The mighty shark known as Jaws offers a multiplier between 60x and 120x. Giant Anglerfish: This deep-sea dweller can light up your score with multipliers ranging from 80x to 320x. Gem Turtle: The Gem Turtle offers a multiplier ranging from 50x to 70x, and if you hit the super prize, an enormous 400x, 480x, or 560x. Awakened Boss Giant Crocodile: When this Awakened Boss called Giant Crocodile emerges, it can bring in multipliers from 150x up to an astonishing 600x. Immortal Beasts Immortal Beasts: By capturing the Mega Octopus, you get to spin a bonus wheel provided by this Immortal Beast. Spin and earn yourself anywhere from a 100x to a jaw-dropping 950x multiplier. How to Play and Win Mega Fishing Learning to play Mega Fishing is the first step towards a rewarding fishing adventure. This guide will walk you through the game setup and objectives. Continue reading to learn how to optimize your success and earnings. How to Play Mega Fishing Step 1: Register or Log In To Find the Game To start playing Mega Fishing, sign yourself up or log into an online casino that offers this game. Navigate to the fishing games section and select Mega Fishing. Step 2: Choose a Playing Room Select a playing room that suits your betting comfort and preference. Each room has different betting ranges: Newbie Room: Bet PHP 0.1-10, recommended for beginners. Honor Room: Bet PHP 10-100, where the rewards are higher. Joy Room: Bet PHP 1-100, the most popular choice among players. Step 3: Adjust Bet Size Set your bet size within the range depending on the playing room you’ve chosen. This allows you to control your spending and potential winnings. Step 4: Choose Your Mode Decide if you want to play in AUTO mode or AIM mode. In AUTO mode, the game automatically targets and shoots at the most valuable fish among your selected targets. AIM mode lets you select the type of fish you are most interested in catching, and it shoots consecutively for you. Step 5: Earn Big with Weapons To increase your chances of winning more prizes, you have 4 weapons to use on the right, each offering unique capabilities and bonus effects. Use them wisely to catch the valuable fish and win more in the game. How to Win Mega Fishing The Goal of the Game The objective of Mega Fishing is to make money by shooting fish. The fish you hit successfully gives you real money. Raising Bet Size and Using Weapons Can Help Catching bigger, rarer fish leads to higher rewards. Boost your earnings by increasing your bet size and using provided weapons to shoot elusive species. These tools, along with wise betting, can help you win big in Mega Fishing. Keep reading to learn more helpful tips from senior casino experts! Mega Fishing Game – 3 Powerful Tips and Expert Review 1. Raise Bet Size at the Right Time One of the key strategies in Mega Fishing is increasing your bet when valuable fish appear. Higher bets not only get you greater rewards but also increase your chances of catching larger, tougher fish. It’s like investing a little extra when you know the rewards could be great. 2. Use Special Weapons Wisely To catch the rare types of fish that yield higher prizes, make the most of the provided special weapons. Since these fish are harder to catch, using special weapons is advisable. With these tools, you are more likely to profit from the hard-to-catch fish! 3. Save Free Thunderbolt for the Big Catch As you play, you’ll build up energy. When it’s full, you get a free thunderbolt. Don’t rush to use it! Wait for the big bosses—the Immortal Bosses, Awakened Boss, and the mighty Immortal Beast. Use your free thunderbolt then for a chance at a huge win! As someone who knows a lot about online casino games, I’ve played Mega Fishing many times. I usually start in the Joy Room because it’s a good place to play without betting too much or too little. But when I feel like betting more for a bigger thrill, I switch to the Honor Room. Upon entering the play room, I typically use the AIM mode. It helps me shoot the fish I want without missing. My way of playing is simple: I don’t change how much I bet often, but when the harder-to-catch fish show up, I might bet a little more. And I always use the helpful weapons available to help me capture the fish. This plan works well, especially in longer gaming sessions, say 30 minutes or more. Lastly, I save my free thunderbolt for just the right moment—either when the big bosses with high multipliers appear or when the stage is full of various types of fish. This tip has often led to big wins for me, and I recommend all players to consider this strategy in their game play. Play Mega Fishing JILI at the Top Casino The first step to get started with Mega Fishing is to sign up or log into an online casino. Lawinplay is a well-known and reliable online casino in the Philippines, offering a variety of classic casino games. It even supports the most widely used transaction methods, including GCash, PayMaya, GrabPay, and online banking. And there’s more—when you play JILI’s Mega Fishing at Lawinplay, you can unlock exclusive in-game bonuses. Keep reading to discover how you can earn these extra rewards and add even more excitement to your gambling! 3 Steps to Discover In-Game Bonuses When you play Mega Fishing at Lawinplay, here’s how you can uncover the exciting in-game bonuses: Access JILI Tab: Click on the JILI tab on the left side of the screen to see the bonus options available to you. Explore Your BACKPACK: Here, you’ll find items like the Free Game Card, which can trigger special features like the Thunderbolt for big wins. Check the WIN MORE Section: This is where your progress rewards are displayed, including the Bronze, Silver, and Gold Chests, each filled with different prizes. You can also get some of your bets back every week as a cash rebate. Sign up at Lawinplay, follow the tips in this article, and get ready for a fun Mega Fishing adventure. Get yourself ready, play within your budget, and claim the in-game bonuses awaiting you! FAQs Is there a way to practice Mega Fishing before playing with real money? Yes, Lawinplay offers a demo mode for some of the casino games. Feel free to practice before betting with real money in demo mode. Is there a best time to use the provided weapons in Mega Fishing? The best time to use available weapons is when there are many high-value fish on the screen or during a boss encounter. This strategy can maximize your potential earnings. Can I play Mega Fishing on my mobile device? Yes, Mega Fishing is designed to be compatible with mobile devices. You should be able to play on your smartphone or tablet through a compatible web browser or on Lawinplay’s app. Does Lawinplay have a customer support team in case I have issues with Mega Fishing? Yes, Lawinplay prides itself on providing excellent 24/7 customer service. If you encounter any issues while playing Mega Fishing, Lawinplay customer support team is available to assist you via live chat.