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Start your adventure with Lawinplay Register and unlock more than just a welcome bonus! Join our community today and start experiencing the thrill of online gambling with a bonus boost to get you going.

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Lawinplay - Beyond a PAGCOR Online Casino

At Lawinplay Casino, beyond our PAGCOR license, we hold global licenses, demonstrating our commitment to safe, fair, and responsible gambling.

Malta Gaming
Authority (MGA)

The MGA, known for its strict rules, supervises our operations, ensuring fairness, crime prevention, and protection of minors and vulnerable players.

Malta Gaming Authority official logo, representing regulatory approval on the LawinPlay register page.

British Virgin Islands Financial Services Commission (BVI)

Our operations are supervised by the BVI, an autonomous financial regulator, ensuring transparency, security, and compliance with international regulations.

Logo of the British Virgin Islands Financial Services Commission, an accreditation featured on the LawinPlay register page.

Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corporation (PAGCOR)

As a PAGCOR licensee, we offer exciting gaming while contributing to the Philippines' socio-civic and national development programs.

Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corporation logo, indicating certified gaming on the Lawinplay register page.

Our three certifications affirm our legality as an online casino for global players. Filipino players must be at least 21, reflecting our commitment to responsible gambling.

How To Make a Lawinplay Register

The Lawinplay register process is a breeze, designed to get you in the game in no time! Here’s a straightforward guide to help you through our simple Lawinplay register process.

Step-by-step registration form on Lawinplay's website, prompting for username, password, and mobile number.

1. Username Creation : Choose a unique username with 6 to 13 alphanumeric characters. Remember, no special characters are allowed to keep things simple and secure.

2. Set Your Password: Create a strong password with 6 to 12 alphanumeric characters. Again, avoid using special characters to ensure your account's security is tight but accessible.

3. Mobile Number Verification: Provide your Philippine phone number. We’ll send you a one-time password (OTP) for verification to ensure the security of your account and to keep in touch with exclusive offers.

Complete these steps for Lawinplay register to unlock a treasure trove of rewards, including a daily free sign-in bonus for continuous excitement!

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3 Steps to Claim Your Free Bonus After Registration

Discover the thrill of unlocking your Daily Login Free Spin after registering on Lawinplay. Our simple guide will help you embark on an exciting journey filled with potential wins:

Screenshot of Lawinplay's Personal Center detailing steps to claim the Daily Login Free Spin, part of the Lawinplay register process.

1. Access Your Personal Center : Click the profile icon at the top of the Lawinplay's homepage to manage your account and discover available rewards.

2. Get Your Free Daily Bonus : Go to your Personal Center to find your free daily sign-in bonus. This special offer is made to help you start winning.

3. Log in Every Day for Rewards : Don't forget to log in each day for your free spin ticket. You can win up to ₱8,888 in cash from this daily offer. A chance to win big every day!

The Daily Login Free Spin is just the start at Lawinplay. After you finish the spin draw, you'll get a deposit task with its own rewards:

Deposit Task Rewards: Engage in deposit tasks to earn bonuses.

  • Deposit ₱1,000 for a ₱100 bonus.
  • Deposit ₱5,000 for a ₱500 bonus.
  • Deposit ₱20,000 for a ₱2,000 bonus.
Stay active, log in every day, and explore the many opportunities that Lawinplay offers. By being consistent and adventurous, you're on your way to exciting game experiences and possible rewards.
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Start Your Lawinplay Register Today for Extra Bonuses

Dive into the world of Lawinplay with extra rewards awaiting you from the moment of your first sign-in! Beyond the daily sign-in bonus, you stand to gain from our generous deposit and referral bonuses, elevating your gaming experience to new heights.

100% First Deposit Bonus

    : Kickstart your journey with our 100% First Deposit Bonus. Your initial deposit is matched to double your funds!

  • Referral Bonus Enhancements: Inviting friends to Lawinplay not only enhances your gaming community but also rewards you handsomely. The referral program is tiered to reward you more as you invite more friends:
    • Daily Friend Invitation Bonus: Spin the wheel to trigger 3 invitation task tickets, with bonuses for 2, 5, and 10 invites. Invitees must meet a cumulative deposit of ₱200 and a turnover of ₱2,000.
    • 4-Part Friend Invitation Bonus:
      • Part 1 : A ₱100 bonus for each friend who completes registration and verification.
      • Part 2 : Achieve 5 referrals to earn an additional ₱200.
      • Part 3 : Enjoy a 1% cash rebate on deposits made by your first-level invitees.
      • Part 4 : Earn up to 0.35% commission on valid bets from up to third-level invitees.

Our bonuses make your start at Lawinplay extra rewarding. Use them to get more rewards and have more fun. Sign up today to enjoy all that Lawinplay offers!

Information on Lawinplay's 4-Part Friend Invitation Bonus, outlining rewards for successful referrals after registration.
Detail of Lawinplay's Daily Friend Invitation Bonus, showcasing benefits for inviting friends post-registration.
Advertisement for Lawinplay's 100% First Deposit Bonus, offering a lucrative start upon registration.

Our bonuses make your start at Lawinplay extra rewarding. Use them to get more rewards and have more fun. Sign up today to enjoy all that Lawinplay offers!

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Where can I access the Lawinplay registration form?

Go to, click “Register” on the top-right to fill out the form and join us.

What do I need for Lawinplay register?

To sign up for Lawinplay, just make a username, password, and give a Philippine phone number for a one-time password (OTP) check.

Are there any other free bonuses on Lawinplay?

Yes, Lawinplay offers a variety of free bonuses including App Download Free Bonus, Daily Ranking Free Bonus, and Invitation Free Bonus, ensuring that there are always opportunities to earn more rewards and enhance your gaming experience.